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Baby Tears , Helxine soleirolii

Common Name, Baby Tears
Botanical Name, Helxine soleirolii

A low growing, creeping plant with tiny leaves and inconspicuous flowers. This plant is very adaptable and will grow well under most light conditions, although indirect, bright light is best. Keep the soil evenly moist and do not let temperatures go above 75 degrees. Can be used as a ground cover for large indoor plants, or in pots or hanging baskets. Does not grow well in the closed environments of a terrarium. Ideal for disguising cannabis plants.

Baby Tears

Mixed Colors from several Different Crosses
Packs of at least 25 Seeds $15.00
Detailed Instructions Included
All Crosses have been tested for germination.
Shipping for up to 10 Packs U.S. $1.00 International $2.00 Add $1.00 for up to 10 more Packs